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1st-Jan-2030 12:00 am - MESSAGE
 Some entries are FRIEND-LOCKED!
4th-Apr-2011 05:10 pm - Role playing?
For awhile now I've been Germania and Ottoman Empire on FormSpring. So, just to show I'm even more of a loser, I started up a third account: www.formspring.me/masyafeagle

Yeah, I'm RPing the BAMF himself, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad.

I'm sure no one gives a crap, but you're all welcome to pester Alty with questions; if you actually LIKE to role-play, then I'd be more than happy to have other Assassin's Creed characters around. Malik, Ezio, Desmond, Lucy, Shaun, Templars... even side characters like Kadar, Maria Thorpe, and the Auditore women. :D
12th-Aug-2010 09:43 am - Whee, meme!!
 Finally getting around to this, so here goes!

ICON MEME! (I got it from makeste)

WHOO ICONS!Collapse )
11th-Jun-2010 05:15 am - Naruto & Reborn Chapters
So, I read this week's chapters, and both were extremes for me...
So full of SPOILERS!!Collapse )

Fuckin' A, people.
24th-May-2010 05:39 am - Persona 3: FES thoughts/rants
I've been playing P3: FES a lot since I got back home, and it's been great to finally get into the game after my beloved introduced me to it.

I like most of the characters- my favorites are Mitsuru & Akihiko and... I ship together. They're so cute together, and they're Emperor/Empress Persona users! I also really like Shinjiro (But that makes me sad later T_T) and Koro-chan, because he's so cute~

My least favorite of the SEES posse is Yukari: she acts like such a BITCH! She's especially nasty around Mitsuru, and is the only one bitching when Fuuka joins, saying that she thinks Fuuka was forced (even though Fuuka was happy to join). Then she starts up-ing the bitchiness:

When the July Boss Shadow messes with everyone, she goes ahead and smacks the Main Character and acts like he's a total perv/everything's his fault after the Boss Shadow fucks with them, even though the MC DIDN'T DO A DAMN THING. Then she goes ahead and goes into Uber Bitch Mode with Mitsuru and forces her to confess about an incident involving the school a long time ago, and AGAIN acts like everything is Mitsuru's fault, even though Mitsuru was a fucking KID back then.

I don't understand why the game designers think Yukari is an appealing character- all she ever does is be hostile to anything that doesn't suit her standards and get especially nasty with Mitsuru & Junpei. Sure, Junpei can be annoying or dumb sometimes, but it seems like she always tears him a new one just to chew him out. She gets very sanctimonious at times and seems spastic over situations where everyone else is fine. I understand she's got a troubled past, but she lets that interfere too much and it just makes me hate her more for always bitching.

....Or maybe it's because right now I hate her for chewing out my adored Mitsuru & Akihiko in the meeting room; acting like there was big conspiracy between them and not even caring if Mitsuru could some emotional PAIN or TRAUMA from the incident.

At least I'll be able to oogle my favorites in their swim wear soon. Mmm~~ *stupid fangirl mode*
8th-Feb-2010 10:35 am - General Winter comes a'calling...
 So, my first winter here in Frostburg is proving to be an interesting one. Growing up in Germantown as a kid, snow was a know-fact of winter, but most of the time a rare occurrence and never more than 6 inches; the exception was the infamous blizzard of 1996, where we got smacked with close to 3 feet. In general, whether it was a snow dance right before bed, listening to the radio desperately, or simply hoping, every kid wanted lots of snow. As Bill Watterson had Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes sum up: 

(Though we weren't THAT desperate.)

So coming out here, it's been both a snow dream and worst nightmare come true. We were just starting to thaw out from the last round of snow we had (from mid-January, right around my birthday) when we got hit again this weekend and had 28 inches dumped onto the town.

My buddy Vince (aka my Spain) and I decided on Saturday to go sledding, though it proved to be MUCH tougher than we expected. We snapped plenty of pictures and in general acted like complete morons. It was a lot of fun, if a bit arduous.
Holy crap so many photos!Collapse )

That's all for today- classes are cancelled, may as well enjoy the day! :D
4th-Jan-2010 02:34 pm - Hetalia Meetup Report!
germancest snuggle
So, I was insane enough to endure the freezing winds and severe lack of sleep (seriously, WHY did I stay up that late trying to make a cake that barely got eaten?) to go as casual!Prussia to the D.C. APH meetup!

I met some great people (vitalregions!Hungary, Austria and Mata!Spain, I effing ADORE you guys!) and we had a lot of fun despite the weather. The group splintered at some point, so I was the only Prussia among us. Kesesesese~

Major props to my dorm floor RA for styling my cheap-ass wig so well- it held up against the wind!

So, here are the pics I got.

Oresama has lots of photos!Collapse )

Hope everyone else had a great time! :D
5th-Nov-2009 04:36 pm - Updating and stuff
 So, I feel like another fan rant on the newest chapters.

Cue the fanrant...Collapse )
24th-Oct-2009 07:09 pm - Happy Hetalia Day!
german uniform
 So, I just finished up the "World Meeting" APH Day mini-party with my friends. :D It was a lot of fun, and this was a great opportunity to test-run my Prussia cosplay before Halloween.
Massive photo dump and nerding...Collapse )
19th-Sep-2009 01:52 am - NO. YOU BITCH.
 Previously on Fel's LJ...

Amano Akira-sama, I love you. Please continue to have KHR be the one manga that doesn't piss me off and makes me adore you even more. 

But now...


.....  This had to happen the week RIGHT before my China History class trip down to D.C. For fuck's sake, is it suddenly "Be an Asshole to Your Readers" month or something over at Weekly Shonen Jump? >_<
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